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Give us just a moment to introduce ourselves, we are a mother and son team co-owners, co-operators of King Kleen LLC.

This started for me, Ethan King in 2010, out of school I started in an entry level position for a local family owned and operated company. That position disappeared and noticing my aptitude and interest in computers, management moved me to Information Technology, while working full time I became certified as a webmaster online. In a few years I moved from entry level information technology to IT Manager, managing IT assets and systems in four states, two time zones and ten plus different locations and networks, interfacing with the IT departments of each customer and each customers system. A completely self-taught person going toe to toe, with those of higher intelligence, higher education, working in fancier offices.

Why would an IT Manager leave a good career in a growing profession to clean?

"Honestly, if you would have asked me five years ago if this is what I would have been doing I would have laughed at you."

I loved my Job; however, it became stressful, I think if any person is in a profession where they're craving a whiskey neat, at three o' clock in the afternoon that it's time to make some life changes. So, in 2019 I gave three weeks' notice. I left, to find something else that sparked me, something that once again I could take to, with the same passion that I had for Information Technology.

After some general labor for some friends of mine carpentry business, another friend that runs a business like ours asked for my help for a few months. It is now 2021, three years of education, the school of hard knocks, a global pandemic, and here we are with a new confidence we are ready to go.

Enter Heidi:
I should start out by saying that this is not the first time we have worked together, the company that Ethan was the IT Manager for. I also worked myself up in the company to be the HR Manager. I enjoyed my position with the company and the variety of hats that I wore, but COVID added a new game plan to the HR Field. My husband and I decided to make some life changes as well and we sold our rental properties, which allowed some extra freedom in our lives both financially and personally. When that happened, I started thinking that maybe it was time to do my own thing and not be tied down to a position anymore, enjoy life you're not getting any younger. So after some family discussion it was decided that at the end of May 2021, I would put in my resignation. I originally planned to do my own things, I have a background in bookkeeping, payroll, benefit administration and I have worked in an office environment for over 30 years. During our family discussion we decided that it would be good to help Ethan grown King Kleen LLC since he has invested so much at this point. So little did I realize the changes that I would be making going from sitting behind a desk in an air-conditioned office to working outside offering "A Superior Exterior Clean.". I'm not going to sit here and say that it hasn't been challenging because it has but seeing the excitement that my son has in bringing this company to life has been very rewarding. No to mention that as a family we have grown closer together which brings lasting benefits. I also enjoy the customers that we meet and get to know when we are providing a service for them. People that I would probably not have meant otherwise.

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