Soft Wash

You regularly clean the inside of your home or business, but when was the last time you cleaned the outside of it? If your exterior is looking a little dirty and dull, turn to King Kleen. We offer exterior home cleaning services in Burlington, Muscatine, Fort Madison, IA that will make your home or business look brand new.

What exactly is Softwash?
Softwash is a soft or low-pressure way to clean, in fact, it more closely matches the manufacturers recommendation for most exterior surfaces better than simply pressure washing.
For organics, pressure washing is simply a buzz cut, softwash treats the organics and lasts longer.

Softwash is a five-step process.

1.We preform Plant and Property Protection.
2.We apply our softwash chemical.
3.We rinse with high volume and low pressure.
4.We clean the outside of your windows.
5.We normalize the property, moving personal items back to where they were.

What is Plant and Property Protection?

1. When we perform Plant and Property Protection we move, cover or feed, flood and neutralize plants during our processes.
2. We move things hazardous to your pet's health for instance, Fido's bowl before we start washing.
3. We remove furnishings from porches and decks.
4. We also check your home, taping or caulking any potential electrical or fire issues.